Aftermath: an informal Cyanotype survey of wastelands, tidal zones, waysides and what is left behind.

It is the the trifles, things of little importance that attracts my eye first when gathering materials for making cyanotypes: the dust laded weeds on the roadside, the shredded kelp fronds left by receding tides, fallen petals past their bloom.

The work I make is connected to rural landscape and culture. I grew up in a farming community at a the same time big agribusiness was one the rise. The affected rural communities changed rapidly as small family farms adapted then were absorbed into industrialized agriculture. Transformation, for good or bad, made a permanent impression on me.

I sometimes work with an alternative form of early photography called cyanotype. When used as a method of contact printing, cyanotypes reflect the subject as a cryptic silhouette of itself rather than a visual representation. Combined with the idea of absence and recollection, cyanotypes are my means for capturing what once existed but now is gone by intention or accident.

Aftermath is an exhibit of a selection of cyanotypes made from 2018 to 2020 in which I tried to hold the moments in between transition.

Harvest Gallery, Wolfville, Nova Scotia