New series of drawings Lachesis’s measure

My work is sometimes based upon making observational drawings of mundane objects. I draw the same subject repeatedly, experimenting with different ways of highlighting or shifting the bond between object in real life and its rendered likeness.

Even before completing the binding installations of 2009, I was collecting fragments of  knotted rope washed up on the Bay of Fundy beaches to sketch. Through making study after study of rope remnants of rope, they transformed from something humble and structurally uncomplicated into entities more carnal and primitive devoid of function and purpose.

The drawings, I am working for this new series are largely executed in charcoal /graphite/acrylic on translucent paper (mylar or Ultra UV). They are expressive work,  in tones of greys, black, white, with at times, small caresses of colour expressing a palpable quality of tactile sensuality. The pieces are larger than life depicting macroscopic views of knots and cordage.   In rendering the knots oversize, they embody both a source of tension and intimacy.

The  tentative title, Lachesis’s Measure refers to the three fates, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. Lachesis, as the fate that measures the length of life given, also determines one’s destiny.