One room = One drawing = 22inches x 22 feet

A year ago, I had the idea of binding a room from the inside out.  Not with actual strands of rope but with contiguous drawings of rope.  I wanted to contain a space with artwork not the other way around.  I am curious as to how our perception of what is real and what is a representation of real, is changed by the physical space in which we view the drawings.  The phenomena of a bound room is only completed when a viewer enters into the space.

binding is my first attempt to describe and define how the shape of a gallery space affects how we ‘read’ the art it encloses.  According to Brian O’Doherty (formerly Patrick Ireland) “You draw to see what you are thinking.”

The exhibit,  binding runs from August 29th to September 16, ARTsPLACE, Annapolis Royal NS.